About us


We, the owners of this website, have left our careers in order to live closer to the nature and to work with the things we are passionate about. H&U Gallery is a virtual place where we present our work of art, books, and information.


Mats, previously working as a manager within the parmaceutical industry, is now extending his hobby of collecting stamps into a sales business. His main area of interest is 19�th century Swedish stamps and town-cancellations. In the stamp gallery a choice from his collection is presented as well as information on stamps which are presently for sale. Mats is also a keen skier and has participated in the Vasa Race eight times.

Helena has been working as a manager in the area of safety, health and environment and is now working with information on sustainability. The mission is to share the knowledge from many years of experience, through this webpage on Sustainable Living and books on the subject. Helena is also working as a local editor for a guidance to conscious consumption. In addition she paints and makes photo and virtual art and her work can be found in the art gallery.

We are happy for all feedback on this website. Please use the contact form if you want to be in touch or if you are interested in any object we offer.