Driving the car
with renewable fuel

One of the most urgent problems to solve on a regional level is the emissions from vehicles. Unfortunately many regions have an infrastructure which does not support transportation in an environmentally friendly way. In the region where we live the railroad was closed in the 60-ties and there is no public transportation to our village. In that sense people in the cities have the possibility to live more environmentally friendly, especially if the city has prioritised public transport and facilitated cycling. When we stay in the city we either walk or use public transport, but where we live in the countryside we have to use a car.

Nowadays we drive an electric car , i. e. a Renault Zoe, which we only load with green electricity, i. e. from wind- and waterpower. Still there is a problem with the production of batteries, which we hope will be solved in the near future by recycling the metals in used batteries of all kinds.