Culinary highlights the year around

When it comes to environmental friendly cooking, one important rule is to never throw any food away. Good practice is to only buy what we need for the moment, e.g. "small pack" instead of "big pack". We do our own cooking, i.e. donīt let the industry do it for us, and we use what we presently have in our garden or in storage. If some food is left over, we store it in the refrigerator and if we know we will not be able to use it within shortly, we store it in the freezer. Food that have "rested" for a couple of  days tastes even better. Sauces stored and forgotten in the freezer will be excellent bases for new dishes, e.g. pastas, soups and casseroles.
Ligurian tomatoe sauce
Primeurs in spring
Crayfish meal
Green tomatoe chutney
Prune chutney
Chutney and jelly of rosehips
Autumn chicken soup
Christmas snaps and liqueur
Saffron pudding
Veggie pancake