Gardening in harmony with Nature

Cultivation is core when you want to live in harmony with Nature and it needs to be done in a gentle way. A gentle cultivation is e.g. not using pesticides and to reuse the compost we create from toilet waste, food residuals and garden waste. The compost from toilet waste is mainly used as nutrition for the roses, bushes and trees and flowers not intended for eating. The mixed compost from food residuals and garden waste is mainly used for the cultivation of vegetables and edible flowers, like marigold, cress, pansies and pestimons.

We are happy to have a lot of garden space, consisting of both woodlands and meadows as well as a main garden. Together with our neighbours we also own a fairly big piece of land close to the sea, which mainly consists of wetland. We bought the land several years ago to keep it from being exploited, as it is an area of great natural value. Wetlands are considered the most biologically diverse of all ecosystems, serving as home to a wide range of plant and animal life.

The main garden is divided in sections forming "garden rooms", all with itīs own purpose. One example is the white memorial garden.
In connection to a garden room surrounded by sloeberry bushes and lavendel there is a small spring-flowering and autumn-flowering planting.
Some flowerbeds follow different colour schemes with a few main colours, like the yellow/blue and the violet planting.
In addition there are a rose planting and a herb garden.
Each month also has itīs own wild flowering charm. All year around there are garden and nature highlights and culinary moments as well