Roses in our garden

Our land is suitable for cultivating roses as the soil is alkaline, welldrained and rich of humus. At the moment we have around 30 known species and a number we do not know the name of. Some of the roses have died, mainly by "unintentional killing" but also from pests, e.g. black spots. We live in growth zone 1-2 (ongoing discussions which one).

Named roses:

Rosa "Skeda " GK

Rosa (Bourbon) "Blomsterhutt", GK

Visby TM Poules015 (N)

Haga Slott TM Poulcas28 (N)

Climbing bonica


Mozart, Rosa moschata

Alba, Rosa Rugosa Japanes rose

Hansa, Rosa Rugosa

Therese Bugnet
Therese Bugnet, Rosa Rugosa

The white rose of Finland, Spinosissimarose, Rosa pimpinellifolia plena

Rosa Mundi, Rosaceae

Rosea, Rosa Rugosa


Shirley, Rosa Rugosa

Aicha, Spinosissimaros

Rubra, Rosa Rugosa Red Japanes rose

Lykkefund, Rosa helenae

Nina Weibull, Floribunda

Bonica 82, Floribunda

Linnaeus (Cottage)

HEIDELBERG('Korbe'), Rosaceae

Hybrida, Rosa helenae

Grand Award Poulcy14(N), Courtyard rose

H.C. ANDERSEN('Poulander'), Rosaceae


Rosa damasena blush damask 1759

Dame de Coeur

F.H. Morse

Berleburg TM Poulbella (N)

'Sympathie' , Rosa Kordesii-Gruppen

Romanze Modern shrub rose

'Burgundy Ice' (Floribunda)

'Climbing Iceberg', 'Schneewitchen'

Unspecified roses: