The white garden

The white garden is a place for reflection and memories. In recent time we have lost relatives who once upon a time brought us to this place, We want to remember them and all other people we have lost. The idea with this garden space is that it should be a tranquil place to rest in. All plants, the trees and bushes as well, have white flowers, which gives the place a calm feeling. The whiteness shines in the dark and in combination with the moonlight we can look at a nice scenery from our house at night.

Some plants in our white garden:

Spring crocus, Crocus vernus

Lucile's glory of the snow, Chionodoxa Luciliae

Winter windflower, Anemone Splendur

Garden star-of-Bethlehem, Ornithogalum umbellatum

Turkestan tulip


Bloodroot Tincture, Sanguinaria canadensis

Grape hyacinth, Muscari botryoides

Prunus negros

Tulip, tulip gesneriana

Frayed tulip, tulip gesneriana

Triandrus daffodil ´Thalia, Narcissus ´Thalia`

Wood Anemone, Anemone Nemorosa

Silver Bells, Ornithogalum nutans

Solomon's seal , Polygonatum x hybridum

Lilac, Syringa vulgaris

Allium Mount Everest, Allium Stipitatum

Allium basalicum "Silver Spring

"The white rose of Finland", Spinosissimaros, Rosa pimpinellifolia plena

Allium "Giant scabious", Cephalaria gigantea

Allium "Ivory Queen", Allium karativiense

Dogtooth violet "Snowflake", Erythronium dens-canis

White wood aster, Aster divaricatus

Korean mint, Agastache Rugosa

Pale globe-thistle, Echinops sphaerocephalus

Alder buckthorn, Rhamnus frangula

Perennial peavine 'White Pearl', Lathyrus latifolius

Snow-in-Summer, Cerastium tomentosum

White mourning widow, Geranium phaeum 'Album'


Lily, Lilium

Jacob's-ladder, Polemonium caeruleum

Edelweiss, Leontopodium alpinum

Coneflower, Rudbeckia

Freesia, Iridaceae


Common hollyhock, Alcea rosea

Angelonia, Angelonia angustifolia

Lemon balm , Melissa officinalis

Ox-eye daisy, Leucanthemum vulgare


"Alba", Rosa Rugosa Japanese rose 








Danish rose