Highlights in August

Harvesting time; this year we have a lot of tomatoes and cucumbers. We have learnt that the best time to sow the seeds is this month, as everything we sowed this spring has been eaten by cabbage worms. However, the autumn-sown cabbage is perfect.
Nature has been playing tricks on us this summer. A quail family, very rare here, came to visit our garden and an even so rare mourning cloak fluttered into our house. The sowed sweet peas turned out to be black eyes and the Chinese meadow-rue turned into a snapdragon instead.
And the black cat we all thought was homeless, wasn´t. When it was no longer given goodies by the neighbors, it returned home to its math. But we believe he will turn up again, when it is time for the Christmas turkey.

The mourning cloak

The quail family

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