Highlights in June

The columbines thrive in the north of the house- blooming in all colours.

But the nature is not only beautiful, wars also take place. Birds are fighting and one day there was a terrible croaking in the air coming from crows hunting a harrier. Another day the air was filled with painted ladies - butterflies which are known to migrate from the the Mediterranean to the north in the springtime.

What a joy, the first time we have seen these here! The ladies were probably attracted by the huge amount of blue weed, which is covering the meadows this particular year. Along the shore we also found a white variety of this flower - also very rare.

The butterflies stayed and feasted for a couple of days and were then replaced by small bumblebees, which took over the party.

A newborn red squirrel suddenly turned up at the stairs of the house. We learnt from the book that we shouldn´t help it, the mother would find it. And yes, a day after both mother and child speeded through the garden. The humans are the worst enemies to animal life.

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