Highlights in June

Now in the time of the Corona it seems that the whole world spends time on reflection, not only we in this outskirts of everything. Why should we honour people who has done evil things in the past and why should we accept racism? Now there is a time for change. In our little place on earth we hardly have any statues, only a little statue of a troll.

This troll, called Bysen, is said to be the ward of the wood and the nature, but it is not particularly nice to people. But as it is nice to animals we are surrounded by small creatures. The white wagtail looks out from his position on the chimney when he is not tripping along the veranda and chats with us. The great tit plays hide and seek in the hops climbing over the entrance to the main garden and the black bird does the same in the sloe bushes. Who needs any pets? And Bysen may stay.

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