Highlights in May

The cuckoo called from the north-west - and then from all directions, except from the east where the sea is. This is the year of the purple dead-nettles. We have never seen the meadows and patios so purple-coloured before. The nettles are beautiful and good for the bees. Other plants we see more of this year are the sand leeks, a tasty wild onion. There are many herbs in the garden right now. We have used olive oil mixtures of lovage, chervil, winter savory, chives, tarragon, parsley, thyme and garlic to go with salmon in the oven. Tasty and healthy. The sad story is the lack of insects nowadays. We didnīt think of them so much before, but now we welcome every bee, bumble-bee, butterfly and beetle which bother to visit our garden.

The rabbits are back, though, running all over the place. We fear these will be a nuisance in the time to come. A very cute and tiny rabbit finds itīs way into our kitchen garden every morning. We do what we can to stop it, but wouldnīt harm that little one. An even tinier red squirrel jumped into our kitchen and out again, very scared it was.

We really have the nature close to us.

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