Biodegradable and recyclable products

In order not to pollute water and the surroundings we only use biodegradable products. The waste water coming from our house does not contain any harmful substances and passes through a system of 3 separation wells before finally going into an infiltration bed. In addition the Towa, a combined water jug and potty, makes it possible to use urine as fertiliser in our own garden. A mixture of 90 % water and 10 % urine is excellent as plant nutrition and use to be called "Goldwater" by the enthusiastic gardeners.

The EU Commission´s Ecolabel Catalogue helps European consumers to distinguish greener, more environmentally friendly, products (not including food and medicine) of high quality.The EU organic logo and the labelling rules are an important part of the organic regulations. With this regulatory framework the European Union provides conditions under which the organic sector can progress in the line with production and market developments, thus improving and reinforcing the EU organic farming standards and import and inspection requirements.

The main objective of the European logo is to make organic products easier to be identified by the consumers. Furthermore it gives a visual identity to the organic farming sector and thus contributes to ensure overall coherence and a proper functioning of the internal market in this field.

Example of recyclable and biodegradable products:


KRAV is a key player in the organic market in Sweden since 1985. The KRAV-label is well-known among Swedish consumers and stands for: Sound, natural environment, Solid care for animals, Good health and Social responsibility


By using the Ecolabel Catalogue we can find out about products in our country that carry the EU Ecolabel and where we can buy them.


We only use biodegradable products for hygiene purposes