In our family household and garden waste as well as toilet waste are composted and recycled into plant nutrition. We also collect and forward for recycling newspapers, wrappings, plastics, metal and glass as well as metal cans and PET bottles. At the other end, we only buy products which are biodegradable or recyclable

We collect newspapers, wrappings, plastics, metal and glass which are sorted and delivered to the Packaging and Newspaper Collection Service in the community. These materials are then recycled into new paper material, furniture and plastic bags, rails and rebars, fishball cans, motor parts etc.


Metal cans and PET bottles are returned to the food stores which forward to Returpack
Returpack is a privately-owned company which aims to increase the recycling of metal cans and PET bottles in Sweden. This mission derives from the Swedish government, as well as from the owners of the Returpack company, who consist of representatives from its trading and brewery sectors company. Returpack is responsible for the functioning of the deposit system for metal cans and recyclable PET bottles for ready-to-drink beverages in Sweden. It is Returpack's duty to spread information about the deposit system, to manage the system's finances and to co-ordinate the return of empty containers to keep the system in operation at every stage. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has set the goal that 90 % of all metal cans and PET bottles shall be recycled in Sweden. The Swedish Board of Agriculture is the responsible supervisory authority for Returpack.