Products we no longer need, like tissues, clothes, shoes and household products are given away to NGO:s helping people in the developing countries and refugees from countries at war. Such NGO:s are e.g:
Human Bridge
Eriks development partner
Save the Children
The Red Cross
The Salvation Army

Via Specsaverīs GeSyn-work the spectacles we no longer can use have been given to people in Tanzania. Minajum is happy to recieve the spectacles from Claudia Nilsson at Specsavers.

We only buy indoor plants that can be replanted and multiplied outdoors.

Last years Christmas decoration now flower outside in spring


The small tree in the Christmas flower decoration now has a new home in the juniper corner of the garden.

Dried colourful summerflowers make nice winter indoor arrangements.

Common sowthistle and Bistorta amplexicautis speciosum

Allium Mount Everest and jesdinanum

Tansies and oregano

Some old things have become useful for other purposes in our garden

The broken rain barrel is now used as a pot with a drainage for cultivating tomatoes

The old headboards serve as a fence surrounding the herbs as well as a climbing support for the hops

The old sofa has become a flower bed

Old sackings are used to wrap old plastic flower pots

Rain water is collected in barrels and is used for watering plants and vegetables

Old papers are used as barriers between plantation and weed

And some used things have also become useful for other purposes in our home

Small glassbottles put together create a nice installation of vases

A canvas bag is used for shopping instead of a plastic bag - lasts much longer!

Toilet rolls are used as small pots for seeding